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This Cookie SHOULD Crumble…

Imagine a group of people whose entire self-identity is based on the idea that they have access to something that no on else does. Let’s say, chocolate chip cookies.

Now, let’s say these people design a system in which only they have access to chocolate chip cookies.

Now, keep in mind, there is absolutely nothing special or different about these people beyond the fact that they have decided that they are special and different and that access to chocolate chip cookies is the shorthand representation of that self-declared specialness.

Time plays a bad game of telephone, and after a while the symbol of their self-declared speialness, access to chocolate chip cookies, becomes in their own minds the REASON they are special.

Because of the bad game of telephone, over time, their entire self-identity becomes based on the idea that in order to maintain their self-declared specialness – their superiority, they and they alone must have chocolate chip cookies. And so, they go to whatever extreme lengths they have to to not only preserve their access to chocolate chip cookies, but also the added measure of making sure that only they have chocolate chip cookies.

Now, imagine the extremity of the measures one would have to take to insure that? You’d have to do everything from intentionally create a scarcity of ingredients, make ovens cost-prohibitive to your average person, outlaw teaching people to bake, outlaw unlicensed baking, prevent people from ever earning enough money to secure their own supply of chocolate chip cookies, con people into believing that if the supply of chocolate chip cookies is concentrated at the top that the cookies will trickle and flow down like some such spice on Arrakis and deprive people of the education to spot that bullshit for what it is.

Add to all this, you’d have to design the system to be self-reinforcing by making chocolate chip cookies something that everyone wants, but only a few people can have. You also have to keep coming up with new ways to keep convincing those without the chocolate chip cookies to not eventually say “fuck this noise, I don’t even LIKE cookies.”I’m getting some fucking chocolate cake.”

Eventually, you end up with an economy based entirely on the preservation of Chocolate Chip Cookie privilege and a society that revolves around a group of people who can’t handle the fact that they aren’t any more fucking special than anyone else in the world, and don’t realize that “revolving around” is just the PC way of saying “circling the drain”.

And that is today’s lesson on White Male Privilege and Fragility. You’re welcome.

Your mileage may fucking vary…