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Chivalrized Behavior – Excerpts from the Past

Flashback: 2007. One from the Vaults.

…Now, I grant you that chivalry as it was is difficult to practice in this day and age. The law tends to frown on open dueling, Honorable or otherwise. I do think, however, that the essence of chivalry can be retained even in a modern practice. With a bit of tweaking.

As such, what follows is my modern take on Chivalry. Some Borrowed from Brian Price at some borrowed from the Rifts: England Supplement, and some from me.

The New Chivalry According to Harlequinn

• Live to Honor and in honor of Life and the Whole of Existence; live to defend them and all those you hold dear when they are unable to defend themselves; protect the innocent, the weary and the small from those who would seek to harm or exploit them

• Live for and respect freedom, justice, honor, truth, beauty and equity; Live these things in such a way that you and your life are worthy of respect and honor.

• Never attack an unarmed adversary nor attack from behind. Never use a weapon on an opponent not equal to the attack. Fight with honor always.

• Avoid lying to and deception of yourself so that you may never lie or deceive another.

• Avoid torture; physical, emotional, mental or otherwise.

• Adhere to Honor; Act justly and with respect towards All, including yourself.

• Be Just; seek always the path of Truth, unencumbered by bias or personal interest. Recognize that the sword of justice can be a terrible thing, so it must be tempered by humanity and mercy. If the Truth you see resonates within you, and in others, and you seek it out without bending to the temptation of expediency, then you will earn renown beyond measure.

• Master Yourself; seek excellence in all endeavors martial and otherwise, seeking strength to be used in the service of justice, rather than in personal aggrandizement.

• Respect the Nurturing, Feminine Energies in all its forms; Respect equally the Protective, Masculine Energies in all its forms.

• Exhibit Courage in word and deed; this often means choosing the more difficult path, the personally expensive one. Be prepared to make personal sacrifices in service of the precepts and people you value.

• Seek the wisdom to see that stupidity and courage are cousins. Courage also means taking the side of truth in all matters, rather than seeking the expedient lie. Seek the truth always.

• Defend those who are unable to defend against those without act without honor.

• Defend against the Honorless with Honor. Respect their choice to be without honor. If you must Destroy them, do so with justice, fairness and mercy. Take no pleasure in the destruction of Life, but make peace with the actions that Honor demands.

• Work for justice for those wronged by those who have acted dishonorably.

• If your end is to be the outcome, it should not be a needlessly so. Meet your end with valor and honor.

• Always keep your word of honor; Never betray a confidence or comrade, never abandon a friend, ally, or noble cause.

• Always maintain your principles and your faith, whatever that faith may be. Faith begets hope, hope begets courage and courage begets honor. Do not Lord your principles and Faith over another who maintain their principles and faith differently than you. Accept challenge to your views; challenge is a measure of both your understanding and your conviction. Be willing to allow for the possibility that your understanding may be limited, and be willing to broaden your perspective.

• Be polite and attentive. Exhibit manners even in the presence of the ill-mannered.

• Be generous in so far as your resources allow; Generosity allows the path of mercy easier to discern when a difficult decision of justice is required.

• Be loyal and unwavering in your commitment to the people and ideals you choose to live by. There are many places where compromise is expected; loyalty is not amongst them. Be loyal to your friends and those who lay their trust in you. Seek always to defend those to whom you believe worthy of loyalty.

• Seek great stature of character by holding to the virtues and duties of the chivalrous; the quality of striving towards it ennobles the spirit, growing the character from dust towards the heavens. Temper this also with Humility; value the contributions of all equally. Tell the deeds of others before your own, according them the renown rightfully earned through virtuous deeds. In this way the tenets of chivalry are well done and glorified, helping not only the gentle spoken of but also all who call themselves chivalrous.

• Seek to uphold the ideals of chivalry, not for the reason of personal gain but because they are True. Do not restrict your exploration to a small world, but seek to infuse every aspect of your life with these qualities. Should you succeed in even a tiny measure then you will be well remembered for your quality and virtue.

Now, is it possible to live like this? I think so. Chivalry is not a moral code. They are Rules of Engagement. It is a code of conduct – even your adversary can live by this code, as the truly chivalrous have no enemies. It does not ask anyone to stand in judgement of anyone else. It asks only that we aspire to the heights of our potential. That’s it.

…These ideals have persisted this long, even in mutated forms, for a reason, and I believe that it is because these ideals are True.