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Jim Comey: Alternate Timeline

There is no love lost for Jim Comey and his handling of HRC’s email investigation that directly contributed to 45’s win. I state that unequivocally.

That being said…

Over the last few days, a number of things have been said about his honesty, honorable nature, dedication and integrity. His love for his work was unquestioned, he enjoyed the broad support and loyalty of his agents and staff and was generally well-liked at many levels. His love for the FBI and understanding of its mission and the vital role it plays in our society is indisputable.

Assuming all that is true, it seems to not be easily reconciled with his actions during the election.

Unless, of course, you take a tidbit of info that has been largely glossed over in recent months, (understandable given the constant stream of WhatTheFuck coming out of the White House these days) into account.

It was said that all the congressional leadership had been briefed on the existence of the dossier of 45, as well as their being an investigation in progress. These briefings included Mitch McConnell. Bitch’s…err..Mith’s – no wait, I got that right the first time – alleged response was a threat that if the WH went public with this information, he would politicize it to undermine it.

Also, when the discovery of Clinton emails on disgraced senator Anthony Weiner’s computer was made, if you recall, Rudy Gulliani claimed to have been told by contacts at the NY office of the FBI that an “October surprise” about Clinton was coming. And it did.

There was chatter across the transom about a rouge element at work in the NY FBI office, and rumors that the info on the emails would be leaked by that office if an announcement was not made.
So, let’s take ALL of that info and put it together.

If what Jim Comey said in his farewell letter is true, and that his love for the FBI and it’s work and his value of it as genuine, then another picture starts to come into focus.

Men of integrity always seem to come to their unfortunate end by falling on their swords. If, IF Jim Comey is such a man, then it would make sense that he would, perhaps, elect to turn himself into a political lightning rod rather than let the FBI become a fragmented agency that started to tear itself apart.

What if he saw a broader picture and announced that charges were not going to be pressed against Clinton because not only had she not done anything wrong, at least not with intent and malice, but he knew that he had to do something to keep Donald Trump from becoming president? What if he and his agency were entirely aware of how deep his ties with a malicious foreign nation went?
I was admittedly struck by the vehemence with which he declared that the idea of having some influence in the election’s outcome made him sick to his stomach. If he was in his own way trying to protect American interests from foreign infiltration and failed to do so, that reaction becomes understandable.

His farewell letter struck me, as it did others, as somehow being coded. I wonder if he wasn’t giving someone, or someones, in the know a set of instructions to follow – setting a plan into motion because he knew it was only a matter of time before 45 brought the hammer down. If he was as good at his job as people say he was, and if he loved the bureau, his agents and this country as much as he claims to and is believed to, maybe the things that are sure to follow, the fallout and the aftermath, will prove to have a certain sense of orchestration to it.

After all, there are reports that the outgoing Obama administration made sure to take steps to preserve certain documents and prevent them from being destroyed or disappeared – documents specifically relating to Russian influence in the election. If Jim Comey is the man that everyone says he is, I have to think he was part of that effort.

I am interested in his testimony before the senate, and for what comes in the next few weeks. I’m sure that the timing of the subpoenas and a well-executed raid today wasn’t coincidental. Maybe it’s part of a larger plan.

It’s funny how in writing this that I see a lot of parallels between what is going on and the plot of Captain America: The Winter Soldier. S.H.I.E.L.D is infiltrated by Hydra, and the only thing that stands in the way of the bad guys taking over is the independent action of a few loyal agents who aren’t about to let that shit happen. The ordinary guys, the rank and file were the real heroes of that story. It seemed like Jim Comey, in his farewell address, might have possibly been trying to remind his agents of that.

Wouldn’t it be funny if Jim Comey turns out to be the Steve Rogers of this tale?

Your mileage may vary.