“I walk through my waking times in distrust of the world that you and I must, for now, inhabit. It is a reflection in a mirror, and the mirror lies. It creates the illusion that we know to not be real, and yet part of this exists there. And as long as part of this exists there, all of it is vulnerable to the same fate that all things in the mortal realms share. As much as I want to trust that there is nothing that can destroy this, every structure has a flaw. As much as I Trust you – and I Trust you with my life – what of you and what of me is kept from one another amounts to keeping secrets, and one does not keep secrets from those whom you Trust. It’s a situational paradox. Or part of this exists within a situational paradox, and it’s difficult to remain intact, as a whole in a place where things are, by design, meant to fragment.”

“We speak of our moments there. The ones of silence, of comfort and of intimacy. The moments of passion and desire and closeness, and of being inside and within. But, they are all the same desire, the same moment. A craving for oneness in a fractured world – the healing, the naturalness of unity. No walls or barriers or secrets. No balance, only harmony. No fetters or limits or anchors or weights. Freedom, to Be, To Exist as You are, as I am. And they are moments we treasure, perhaps because if we horde or create or experience enough of them we can have them always and whenever we want. I don’t know. What I do know is what I feel, and I feel as long as we consign ourselves to shards of moments – how different are we really than the humans that frustrate us so? Is it our choice to live as we do, or do we live this way simply because in the mortal realms, it is simply how anyone who wants to live MUST live? Is that the compromise? Is that the limit? Fragments of a Moment? Grains of Unity? Perhaps it is a fair price to pay for what one gets…but there is so much more to be had.”

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