Lightbringer’s Musing on Original Sin

As we must allow the thorns for the rose’s sake,
So too must there be room for savagery
Amid the cultivated gardens of paradise.
And beyond.

And so was I that – Eden’s savage thorn
Who pricked the not-yet-calloused hand of Man with Truth,
Hanging fat and ripe from the Tree of Knowledge,
Ready for the plucking.

To decry Man’s fall as the fruit my temptations
Is to curse the ground for the tree it yielded.
And to justify my punishment as the wages of truth,
The true humiliation.

If there is any “sin” in knowledge, at its root is this:
Without its strength as shield and sword
One cannot survive the cruel beauty of paradise.
Or beyond.

It could be said that as Man’s thirst drives it to water,
Its curiosity drove it to me – heaven’s vagabond –
Seeking wisdom from one who has fallen
As one who wishes to.

Or, perhaps Man in its daily wanderings in Paradise
Saw not a garden to dwell in, but a stagnant swamp to wade though.
And saw my path of defiance not as rebellion
But as an escape from Ignorance.

Author’s Notes: This was an entry for a contest. The goal was to write a poem based on this quote from William Shakespeare – “It is one thing to be tempted, another thing to fall.” One of the rules said that the piece must contain the following 10 words in this order: allow, beyond, calloused, justify, humiliation, strength, survive, thirst,vagabond,wade.

This inspired me to write the story of the fall of man from Lucifer’s point of view. Someone has to be the devil’s advocate…

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