I stand within the circle that is cast upon the sands,
A thousand crimson petals cradled gently in my hands.
Once a thousand different roses, one for every promise spoken
Now wilting sad reminders of how everyone was broken.

I watch the silver moonlight dance on sand and sea and shore
And reflect upon how many times I’ve seen this place before.
Where the moon would hold its vigil, and with every teardrop wept
I’d cast each faded bloom of love into the ocean’s depths.

The petals then would swirl and dance upon each cresting wave
And my heart would ache in silence for the love I could not save.
Then darkness would embrace me, and together we would mourn
The tragedy of blooming love reduced to stinging thorns.

I’m shaken from my mem’ry by the softly rolling sea
And the warming midnight winds that gather close around me.
The silver moonlight brightly beams across the jeweled sands
As I offer up the petals cradled gently in my hands.

I spread my fingers open as I kiss them to the sky
And I watch in fascination as the scarlet petals fly.
For the thousand wilted blossoms that I cast up to the night
Transform into a thousand birds that take to graceful flight.

I linger at the seaside ’til the dawning of the day
To watch the birds that swirl and dance on currents as they play
And as the sun begins to rise into the sky above.
I am humbled by the magic that is held within my Love.

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